There has never been a better time to simplify your business communications with a cost-effective, feature-rich phone system than now! It is affordable, easy, reliable, secure, highest quality, usable with a mobile device, and has our 100% help guarantee for customer service. It is easily the best business phone system available.




Voice Mail Value, Inc. is dedicated to utilizing new and innovative technologies in provisioning the most advanced telephony services available, offering big business enterprise capabilities for any size office at small business price points. Our dedication to unprecedented customer service always focuses on what is in the best interest our customers.



WorldLink-VoiceFax, which began operations in 1997 with the offering of voicemail services in the Indianapolis area, is a trademarked brand of Voice Mail Value, Inc. With the increased demand for Unified Messaging, WorldLink-VoiceFax became a nationally enhanced Unified Messaging brand in 1999. In 2004, a completely new feature rich platform was released, greatly expanding messaging and Virtual PBX capabilities.



Since 2013, WorldLink-VoiceFax has offered enterprise level, award winning, premiere VoIP hosted telephony services. Today, WorldLink-VoiceFax is the most advanced “In the Cloud” VoIP hosted service available for any size business; for 3 phones or 103 phones! With constant software upgrades at no cost, outdateed telephony is virtually eliminated.



Hosted VOIP

An award-winning phone system replacement. Excellent for any size office. Our PCI-HIPPA compliant, redundant data center is the most secure in the industry with propriety revolutionary software instead of an “off the shelf” software package. This assures you will have access to the most features available that can be custom designed to fit just about any need.

  • Top level security and award winning reliability
  • Lifetime guaranty on phones with custom programable features
  • Excellent for Small Business and the Enterprise
  • “Call-Bursting” with unlimited number of call paths to grow with you
  • Auto-attendant with IVR branching on any desired schedule for any extension
  • Find-Me, Follow-Me transferring calls to your mobile
  • Email, Text, and Voice notification of new messages
  • All-in-one phone app. Turn your cell phone into an extension of the system with free international calling via Wi-Fi
  • Call conferencing with a 20-caller conference bridge
  • Call Recording
  • Available Call Center features including ACD groups, skill routing, custom scheduling, automatic call back, administrative web control, and detailed custom reporting
  • Web based studio for team messaging, video, document collaboration, SMS, and desktop sharing for up to 50 participants
  • BONUS - Custom design features to fit your business!

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Virtual PBX

Don't want to buy a new phone system? Virtual PBX is a hosted service that is designed to turn a simple office phone system into a feature-rich system without adding expensive on-premise equipment or the addition of more phones.

  • Multi extensions with call forwarding capabilities
  • Find-Me, Follow-Me transferring calls to your mobile
  • Email, Text, and Voice notification of new messages
  • E-Fax for inbound and outbound faxing
  • IVR menus for call distribution on a scheduled basis
  • BONUS - Custom design features to fit your business!

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Reduce Monthly Operational Costs

A Hosted VoIP phone system cost less per month than most on-premise legacy phone systems that have half the features. Maintenance of aging equipment; long holds for customer service; repair down time; sever and software upgrades all significantly reduce returns on investment while raising monthly operational cost. That stops now!

  • No Maintenance Cost – There is no expensive on-premise computer hardware to maintain, or the maintenance cost of IT staff.
  • More Phone Lines At Less Cost – Our “Call Bursting” feature give you unlimited call paths at far less cost.
  • No Long Distance – Domestic long-distance cost is eliminated, and there is no international long distance wherever there is Wi-Fi.
  • Reduced Staff Cost – With improved accessibility, and features like our mobile app, employees spend less time with “telephone tag.”
  • Built In Growth – With our Hosted System there is no extra computer hardware to lease or purchase as your business grows.

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A Hosted System That Makes Money!

The telephone is often viewed as a necessary evil and just a cost of doing business. Our Hosted System, however, opens the door of opportunity to make telephones profitable.

  • Accessibility – What is the cost of a lost sale or a lost existing customer? With more than 50% of customers nationwide “scraping” a purchase because of bad customer service, you cannot afford to have a signal telephone busy, or to spin any prospect or customer into “voicemail jail.” The main purpose of Our Hosted System is accessibility, and with unlimited call paths everyone can get through to you.
  • Reliability – Our award winning, PCI HIPPA compliant, redundant data center is right on the Internet backbone for the upmost in reliability, and all phones have a lifetime warranty.
  • Always Updated – No more outdated phones! All software upgrades are free and always incorporate the latest features and technological advancements. No more wishing you had what your competition has.
  • Translating Our Technology Into Your Profit – Our goal is to custom fit our many sets of features and benefits to your specific business. Our customers are often very surprised at how we can benefit their businesses in ways they never dreamed were possible.

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I enjoy working with WorldLink. It’s clear that they take great pleasure out of giving good service.

Tony Malcak, Owner, Southwestern Property Management

WorldLink has allowed us to greatly enhance the service we provide to our clients. It has saved us the cost of a multi-line fax machine, extra phone lines…and no more busy signals with our phone service! We have used the service for years and can’t imagine anything else for our customers.

Bill Cordray, President, Kessler Communications

Our insurance agency was looking for a phone system that would grow with us as our business grows. Voicemail Value was referred to us through our IT provider. Voice Mail Value’s staff has proven their value time and time again. What sets a vendor apart from others is service after the sale. Voice Mail Value has proven that they care long after the check has cleared the bank. They return calls quickly. They are competent. Above all, they seem to really care about us as customers. I have no hesitation to recommend Voice Mail Value for your strong consideration on your next phone system. You will be happy you did.

Brian Hosking, President, Hometown Insurance

I love how easy the system is to manage as well as how smooth the transition is for callers to always find me.

Rob Rasor, President, Brivido Marketing


I am grateful to Voice Mail Value for providing b2 Network Technology Solutions with a call center for our service desk. Their approach to customer service and learning our company processes was key in finding the right solution for us. The implementation process was easy, and they made sure nothing was over looked.

Bruce Everett Jr., President, b2 Network Technology Solutions

We have been very happy with Voice Mail Value. They provide excellent customer service and are always happy to answer any and all questions we have regarding our system. We are happy we made the switch!

Ellie Fields, Executive Assistant, Little Red Door Cancer Agency

This service has been so good, it is almost invisible to me. I just don’t have to think about it or worry about it. This is the best voicemail service I have ever had (Customer since 1997).

Jan Reinhart, Clinical Psychotherapist

The feature that calls several different cell phones on customer service calls has improved our customer service…and a happy customer translates into revenue. I especially like the feature of getting my messages on the Internet and by text. As an Internet service provider, we recommend Voice Mail Value to all of our customers.

Andy Haldrup, Vice President, iLectris



100% Help Guarantee

Customer service has lost its luster: empty promises, intentional hand-ups, endless transfers to another person, and service charges to answer simple questions. We would like to show you why our customer service guarantee brings us more than 50% of our customers from competitors. We regularly hear stories about customer service departments acting as if their main intent is to find out as soon as possible that your issue is not their problem. It is our intent to always understand your issue and help you find a solution - every time! This is why we have a 100% help guarantee and emergency customer service that is available 24/7 with a live person.

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